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27th December 2017

I can see clearly...

Wiper blades - One of those jobs that takes 2 minutes or half an hour depending on how fiddly or un-obvious the fittings are.

Always worth taking a snap of the original setup as the new ones and their box of fitments may not be as straightforward as you'd like...

24th December 2017

Don't have the time to put the screenwash in with a syringe on certain cars, so cobbled together this contraption...

21st December 2017

New Suzuki GS750?

Caused a minor stir on the Facebook page of the VJMC (vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club) with my hoax picture of what a 'new' Suzuki GS750 retro bike might look like. A lot of people thought it was real, but it was a simple if effective photoshop mashup of the real new Kawasaki Z900RS retro bike and an original 1970's GS750.



18th December 2017

Grrrr what's the point?

An online motoring blog (quite a dull one) had a review about the classic Mk1 Volkswagen Scirocco. They invited comments and so I went to the trouble of composing a more evocative paragraph or two about the great Scirocco and the time it was from.
I got no response, it wasn't published and it would seem that they never publish any comments! - Perhaps they should turn off the comments forms at the end of every article and review on their wordpress site?

Here is the piece that I wrote:

The Scirocco Storm was perhaps the ultimate version of the Mk1 Scirocco, although still used a carburettor to breathe.

The MK1 gets it sharp, almost non-Germanic lines from it's Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Giugiaro also designed the coupe version of the Alfa Romeo Alfasud- the Sprint, around the same time, and the two cars gave keen 70's motorists something quite special, that looked fantastic and handled well at an affordable price. The Alfa had more heritage and style, but the Volkswagen was probably the more sensible option of the two.

This was an era where it was all about the sympathy of driver and machine. The driver didn't need much more than a speedometer and rev counter and certainly didn't need to be told by dashboard that the oil level was 'ok' as he or she would have checked it at the weekend having washed and leathered the car themselves on the driveway.

The MK2 Scirocco followed but had lost all the sharpness of it's predecessor- it looked almost as unauthentic as the awful looking Renault Fuego.

The late 80's saw the intoduction of the VW Corrado, an instant hit with enthusiasts almost certainly in part due to it's lines echoing the great MK1 Scirocco.

I'd love to know what people think?

10th December 2017

Oh no! It's snowing. Disruption (and grit after the event) on the roads.

8th December 2017

Yes it's true. Red cars do tend to fade...

15th November 2017

Added some 'Fuel Fit' to some petrol for the bike's tank over the winter. Modern pump fuel is so poor that it will go off in about 3 months, so hopefully this good stuff (meant for mowers and chainsaws laid up for winter) will do the trick in keeping the fuel at least flammable.

My mower has Aspen fuel in it, so that should be fine.

31st October 2017

Will Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove be getting excited about these Shell/ Lego/ Ferrari signs in 40 years time on Shed and Buried?

24th October 2017

Lifting post summer spirits by adding some nostalgic stickers to my 1970s skateboard. Stickers are remakes off of ebay of course, and are for ACS trucks, Alpine Sports shop and Skateboard magazine from the late 1970s.
Next to the 'board is an original (and costly) original issue of 'Skateboard' (ebay impulse reliving childhood moment) and my original 'skate wrench' from 1978.
Deck is a Makaha originator 27 (bought as 70s nos, but might be a re-issue?), re-issue red Kryptonics and original 1978 ACS 580 trucks.

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