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5th January 2018

Trickle charging the bike's battery- roll on spring!

2nd January 2018

Collected my Protar Moto Guzzi model from my father who's looked after it since the 1970's when he built it for me. It had been a present from a family friend from Rome in about 1975.
It has superb detail of the longitudinal inline four cylinder engine/ gearbox and shaft drive.

Protar made many fantastic kits including the 'Manx' Norton and Benelli 4C motorcycles.

1st January 2018

Played a bit of 'Ride2' on the PS4. Not got very far but it has two of my all time favourite bikes in it, both Yamahas, the OW01 (FZR750R) and the RD500LC off of the 80s.

31st December 2017

Took the ol' Alfa for a blast and loved it. I was going to 'sorn' it until March but decided against it as it's worth keeping it taxed if only for a couple of nice (unsalty) days in January and February- here's hoping!

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