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A (hopefully) interesting and often nostalgic blog about real life motoring from someone that truly has a life-long passion for it, and who not only loves driving, riding and looking at vehicles (mainly old ones), but also enjoys getting covered in grease and oil and firing up a mig welder or air compressor when necessary.

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1st January 2024

Happy New Year!

Seized an opportunity to grab a photo' of the Ritmo Grande (Punto) outside of a nearby Italian restaurant called Punto.

31st December 2023

End of Year Street Spots

A little montage of some of my 2023 real life (not car show) street spots.

17th September 2023

Kop Hill Climb

This was a new event for me, but having been offered a space for the Alfa 33 in an Italian car club line up, how could I refuse?

A wonderful event, with so many special classic cars and motorbikes both on show, and going up the hill, with some over 100 years old.

A two day event, my wife and I attended on the Sunday, and we both thorougly enjoyed ourselves until the weather broke (in a big way).

We even had a low fly past by one of the last flight worthy Lancaster bombers in the world!

The rally TR7 looked great, but a tatty late Lada Riva/ Flyte estate drew the crowds, and the scruffy Mini Picadilly made me smile.

2nd September 2023

Radwood '23

Back to Bicester again for another Radwood. Not as much to see as last year, and it felt expensive for what it was, but here are a few sights from the day, including a cool Fiat Caravelle and a very special Alfa Romeo ES30 RZ- yes the soft top one!

13th August

Festival Italia Brands Hatch

Haven't been to this since 2018, and it was definitely more crowded than the last time.

Italian beauties that caught my eye were: Two Fiat Strada Abarths, Alfasud TiX, Fiat 128 3p, Alfa 155 Silverstone, Lancia/ Ferrari Thema 8.32, Fiat X19 and a cute pair of Autobianchis.

29th July 2023

Festival of the Unexceptional

I missed last year, as we were on holiday, and this event has grown even better, and there are even more 'wow' moments from the rows and rows of truly amazing 'unexceptional' cars.

Here's a snippet of the wonderful sights there on the day: Fiat Strada cabriolet, Renault 30, Subaru Justy, Alfa 6 with a 2.0 litre V6!, Fiat Tempra estate, Ford Fiesta Bravo, Talbot Samba cabriolet, Ford Escort Eclipse, base Sierra and an MG Montego.

June 2023


A wonderful few days in Rome with my wife. We stayed near the Vatican, but did all the usual sight seeing.

Talking of sight seeing, we obviously used the back roads, and I bring you some fabulous Roman 'paps'.

The street parked wonders included: Alfa Giulia Polizia, Fiat Croma, Fiat Uno, mk1 Seat Ibiza, mega special VW Golf Yachting Henri Lloyd, and a stupendously rare and wonderful Lancia/Autobianch Y10 Fila special edition.

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