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21st May 2023


Another drive down to Goodwood for my second Retrorides.

Some great stuff there as last time, but here are my favourites: MG Maestro, Honda Civic, Isuzu Piazza, high riding Volvo 240 estate, Lada Riva estate and exceptional Fiat 126 Black special edition.

28th May 2023

Chesham Italian car show

A brand new event that was a great success with some amazing Italian cars and motorbikes in attendance.

Held in the closed off high street of Chesham, this is sure to be a must go to gathering for years to come. The best car prize (awarded by the show organisers/ council iirc) was a boring Ferrari F40, but here's my selection of the more interesting stuff!

Alfa 105 coupes, amazing Fiat 127 in original paint!, Lancia Beta coupe, Innocenti De Tomaso, Fiat 500 Jolly and very original, and marvelous, imported Fiat Ritmo.

14th May 2023

Classics at the Villa

Still growing year by year, this event in Shenley is getting quite big now. Used to be almost entirely Italian metal, but quite a varied spread this time.

Cars I liked included: magnificent wide body Fiat 131, Alfa 75 V6, Fiat Strada Abarth and a De Tomaso Pantera

29th April

Auto Italia Brooklands 2023

Back to Brooklands for the Auto Italia Italian car day in the 33. A real treat as usual.

Highlights for me included: Seat Terra campervan, Fiat Brava, Innocenti Mini, Fiat Panda 4x4 Sisley, Alfa GTV6 3.5 conversion and an FSO Polski Fiat!

23rd April 2023

Scramble time again!

2nd Scramble of the year, but 1st one of the year for me.

Highlights included: Austin Princess (with Stag wheels), Lotus 'Spy who loved me' mk1 Esprit, Talbot Lotus Sunbeam, Morris Marina estate, Peugeot 205 Mardi Gras, and a lovely early series 1 320 BMW.

February-March 2023

33 work

A busy time spent doing the cambelts, tensioners and aux' belts on the 33. Also changed the oil and filter, front brake hoses, a brake pipe and a tyre!

All ready for 2023 show season now, but it's getting harder doing this kind of stuff outside on a driveway in all weathers!

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