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Rest of 2022

Sywell Classic, even more Scramble and Radwood

First time at Radwood 80s-90s 'festival' at Bicester in September, Sywell Classic in Northampton, and yet another Scramble in October to close the 'season'.

Sywell 'Sooty van' Bedford Rascal at Sywell

Mad Max TR7 and Quantum (xr2 based) kit car at Scramble

Vauxhall Cavalier Calibre special edition and Garfield at Radwood.

September 2022


My wife and I had a fabulous couple of days in Amsterdam, somewhere neither of us had been before. Of course I gotr busy snapping cars as soon as we got off the Eurostar.

Canta LX, Alfa 166 facelift, Mk2 Fiesta van, and some Dutch hero cruising in his purple Citroen C6.

August 2022


Our first family holiday since Covid struck in 2020, and it was so wonderful to get back to Italy.

Within minutes of arriving I was 'papping' cars, and here are a few street parked gems, in ther form of: Fiat 127, Fiat 500 estate, Fiat Uno, Fiat Seicento 50th edition, Fiat Panda Young editions and an Autobianchi Y10.

19th June 2022

Another Scramble!

Yes, did the June Scramble and here's a couple of fast Fords in the form of an X pack RS2000 in 'Minder' colours and a tasty silver mk2 Escort 1600 Sport Harrier edition. By contrast there was also a Mitsubishi Lancer, which has excellent wheeltrims and graphics IMHO...

14th June 2022

In a flap!

I've never had mudflaps on a car before, and I fancied adding a bit more of a 1970s look to my Fiat Ritmo Grande Punto.

I painstakingly filed away some raised 'Punto' lettering on a pair of genuine flaps, and drilled them to accomodate a pair of replica Fiat 126 'FIAT' badges.

A lot of a faff as some of the rear arch liner screws had rusted to dust, but I think it looks pretty good...

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