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22nd May 2022

RetroRides at Goodwood

My first time at Retrorides, and a nice way to experience Goodwood without the hustle and bustle (and expense) of the Festival of Speed.

Picks of the day included: Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2, VW Golf Country, Ford Granada estate MK2, Honda City cabriolet, Peugeot 205 Junior, Triumph Dolomite SE, Fiat 126, and a pair of orange Honda Z600s.

15th May 2022

Classics at the Villa

There for the Italian atmosphere and food, as much as the cars and bikes, but this wonderful late Fiat 127 Sport was my car of the day.

30th April 2022

Brooklands Auto Italia

One of my favourite shows of the year came around again.

Here's a selection of some of the lovely cars there, including: a Lancia Gamma, rally liveried Fiat Uno, Fiat 131, Alfa 6, Fiat Strada/Ritmo and a nice pair of Lancia Betas.

24th April 2022


Attended the Bicester Heritage Scramble, and my star of the day was this wonderful Alfa Romeo GTV in 'Octopussy' gunmetal.

14th April 2022


I've always loved the debossed Alfa Romeo boot badges of the 1980s, and when this old Inezione (injection!) badge off an Alfa 90 popped up on Ebay, I had to have it.

It was given a little restoration, and now sits on the 33 bootlid on the other side from my Boxer 4C one.

17th March 2022

Agip service sticker from the early 90s

I couldn't resist a genuine AGIP Nuovo service sticker from Italy for the 33. It's been filled out as if it was placed on the car at its first service, and stuck on the drivers B pillar.

6th March 2022

Weird Car Twitter Meet

What started out as a small meeting of a few 'weird car Twitter' people, organised by a couple of WCT legends, turned into a very busy meeting at Gilks Cafe.

Many great cars and people turned up, so many in fact that Gilks had to borrow a school car park just down the road to accomodate everyone.

When I entered the Cafe to grab a coffee, that Mike Brewer and Sarah Crabtree off of the telly were sat at a table!

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