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21st January 2022

Ashes to ashes.

What can you do at this time of year when the weather is so awful? Restore your ashtray!

I'd changed the bulb recently on my Alfa 33 ashtray, so that after all these years, the centre and lighter ring both finally lit up, but had left the centre 'fag holder' rusty.

I cleaned off the rust and then primed and painted the centre. I even found the older style of lighter I preferred on Ebay, and have fitted that. This lighter has a picture of a cigar/ette on it in green, and is the same type I had in my Alfa Sprint QV many years ago.

15th January 2022

Triumph Dolomite 50th Birthday

There's been lots of Dolomite talk, as it's just celebrated it's 50th, which has included the fabulous segmented warning lights.

Time to recreate the wonderful 1500HL dash I had at the age of 17 and 3/4!

With Overdrive gear knob, LED laden Audioline 403 radio/ casette and that cluster, I was Michael Knight.

4th January 2022

Nardi badge swap

After about ten years of being niggled by the chip in my Alfa's second hand Nardi steering wheel badge, I found a new one.

31st December- 1st January 2022

Happy New Year!

I knocked up this version of an old Suzuki SJ410 'Jeep' advert' as my New Years message on Twitter, featuring Phil and Grant Mitchell, off of Eastenders from summer 1995.

16th October 2021

Formula Shell Fashion!

I'm old enough to remember when Formula Shell petrol was a new and wonderous thing (in 1986). A mechanic at work had a massive Formula Shell sunstrip across the top of the windscreen in his Lada Riva estate.

Anyway, a 35 year old unused jacket came up on Ebay, and needless to say, I'm now able to wear it.

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