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8th October 2017

Wobbly side window repair. Glass had come unstuck from the rusty guide. Cleaned up and re-stuck with 'No nails' type adhesive- Works lovely now.

6th October 2017

If it works, it works. Vintage (1950s?) battery charger that once belonged to my Grandfather still working well charging an old battery.

23rd September 2017

A late summer ride on my Father's 1978 Moto Morini Strada. First ride on this in years- superb, great sound.

350cc V-twin from Italy.

3rd August 2017

Italian Riviera timewarp

A scene that could almost be from 35 years before, with the original Fiat 500, Fiat Pandas and Vespas, but this is Alassio in the Italian Riviera in summer 2017. Mk1 Fiat Pandas are still in use everywhere all over Italy, and have become todays 'peasant' transport, taking over from the Fiat 500 that was prevalent in the 70s and 80s.

2nd August 2017

Even the Police (Fiat) Panda cars are cool in Italy.

27th July 2017

Bit scary! -Removing an airbag to get the steering wheel off to replace the dodgy multiswitch on the Fiat Grande Punto.

Followed a Youtube clip to 'suss out' how to release the wheel centre and airbag using allen keys in place of the proper tools...

9th July 2017

Alfa Owners club day at Knebworth House.

A beautiful 1st series (chrome bumper) Alfasud Sprint Veloce, and almost unbelievably a PAIR of Alfa Romeo Arnas- although they were actually Nissan Cherry Europes.

If you don't know, Alfa Romeo collaborated with Nissan in the early 80s to combine Alfasud running gear with the Nissan Cherry bodywork- great engine, the rest is best forgotten...

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