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10th August 2019

Won an EB Hat

Having won a caption competition run by 'Electric Blue' on Twiter just before we went away, I was delighted to open my prize of an EB hat upon return. I am now a member of the 'very exclusive' hatage club.

Check out Electric Blue and the daily contests on twitter via @only9built.

Early August 2019

Alassio Vehicles

Had a lovely holiday in Alassio (NW Italy) again and as usual there were a number of automotive delights to snap. There are still many original Fiat Pandas including three special editions pictured below (Trekking, Hobby and Country Club), and a few original Fiat 500s.

I also managed to buy a copy of the Italian magazine L'Alfista that I had heard about online. It's a fabulous magazine, and altough I can't understand much of the Italian language, it has some beautiful photographs of wonderful Alfa Romeos. The cover image was actually of the great car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro at a classic car event in, wait for it, Alassio!

21st July 2019

Brooklands Auto Jumble

Went to the classic auto jumble on a bit of a spur of the moment, and it was a great day out with many very interesting classic cars in attendance.

Collection of images below shows: Ford Escort RS2000 mk2, Peugeot 404, Ford Capri Mk1, Mini Clubman traveller, Austin 1100, Aston Martin V8 Zagato, Mini Clubman estate, Ford Capri Mk3, Audi Coupe, MG Metro, Austin 1300 estate and Mini 1275GT.

20th-24th July 2019

Alfa GT- the other rear shock absorber collapsed!

Yes, I know. I should have changed BOTH rear shock absorbers when the offside one collapsed last month, but really thought the nearside looked ok.

Obviously the nearside one failed too, again fortunately not on the move, but the car had to be limped out of Mrs MG's work carpark for recovery which of course destroyed a perfectly good Pirelli tyre, as the collapsed lower spring pan sliced a deep groove in the inner sidewall.

With the recent practice from the other side I managed to change this side's shocker and droplink without too much bother, although once again the lower bolts were seized tight.

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