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11th July 2019

Klunk-klip every trip!

A little blast from the past. I bought a 'vintage' pair of Klunk-Klip seatbelt holder clamp accessory things from Ebay as a bit of a novelty fitment.

8th July 2019

Drum paint

A quick refresh of the 33's drums with a thick coat of Hammerite as they were statring to look a bit scabby having not been done for over 10 years.

30th June 2019

Alfa Romeo day at Bicester Heritage.

A glorious time had at Bicester Heritage for National Alfa day. There were all kinds of amazing Alfas in attendance including a large display of Zagato ES30 SZ and RZ models and incredibly at least four early 1980s 116 Giuliettas, one with 3 litre V6 (Alfa 75) running gear.

Collection of images below shows: Alfa 164 Q4, Alfasud Ti, 2x Sprint Green Cloverleaf 1500cc and 4x Alfa 116 Giuliettas.

20th-25th June 2019

Alfa 33 original wind deflectors fitted.

Having enjoyed just looking at the marvelous box for the original late 80's wind deflectors that arrived recently, I decided I better work out how to fit them.

These aren't like modern 'cheapo' Ebay type deflectors that push up into the window channel, but actually replace the standard outer window frame surrounds, turning it into a fairly large job that involves removing the door glass, outer plastic frame surrounds, window channel rubber and of course door card, handle and switches on each door.

With the front doors apart I also took the opportunity to spray some extra Dinitrol cavity wax into their bottoms and clean/ grease all the lock and window regulator mechanisms, vastly improving window lift and door lock and latch operation. I was so pleased with the overhauled front doors that I decided to remove the rear door cards, slit open the virgin polythene and do the same to those- again, vast improvement.

The wind deflectors also look excellent and take me back to driving my brothers series two 33 over twenty years ago.

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