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Late September to 11th October 2019

Vintage AGV helmet restoration

Whilst sorting some stuff in the loft I decided to bring down my vintage AGV motorbike helmet to see if I could restore it to it's former glory as a display piece.

I bought this helmet in a sale at Lloyd Cooper motorcycles of Watford (who are still in business in the same premises) in about 1984 in preparation for taking to the roads a year later on my beloved Yamaha FS1-E. It was actually my second helmet as I'd had a Centurion 2000 in bright red with rainbow stickers from a Halfords sale to ride my Puch Maxi up and down the garden.

It was always a bit too small, but I wore this AGV X3000 almost every day for about 20 months, when 16-17 years old on my Fizzy and Suzuki GS125ES.

It was obviously already quite old when I bought it as the label inside says it was manufactured in 1981 and as you can see from the 'before' pictures it had got quite grubby and deteriated quite a lot in my parents and then my lofts over three decades. The top part of the lining had previously turned to dust, but the other lining cleaned up quite well with Autoglym interior foam cleaner, and the painted surfaces were merely T-cut and polished, with a few chips touched in and the pinstripes repaired in a couple of spots.

New old stock front decals were found in France via Ebay and I even found a new clear Bob Heath visor too!

The 'after' pictures show it with an original magazine page advert for the early 80's range featuring the great Barry Sheene.

15th September 2019

Classics on the Green- Croxley, Herts

A nice warm day for the Croxley classic car event o the green with lots of interesting cars and bikes.

The selection of cars and one sports moped that particularly interested me (as pictured) were: Morris Marina Coupe, Rover Metro Gti, Triumph Dolomite Sprint, Mini 1275GT, Jensen Interceptor, Alfa Romeo Spider S3, MG Metro Turbo, Daf 66 (with spare belts!), Fantic Caballero and a Volvo 340.

End August 2019

Oil Nostalgia

Put up a Castrol oils application chart from about 1987 that I bought recently at the Brooklands Classic Autojumble. It's a wonderful thing that reminds me of the ones that were up in the workshop I worked in during the late 80s.

It's great to see all the 70s and 80s cars listed, with very few stinky diesels and unsurprisingly Castrol GTX is the engine oil of choice for almost all the cars listed.

19th August 2019

Cloudy lights mean danger- Headlight restoration the cheap way.

The small amount of sun we enjoy in the UK has managed to turn the top of my Fiat Grande Punto's stylish, Maserati-esque headlights cloudy over the last last 10 years.

Rather than spend good money on one of the kits that are sold for the purpose of restoring headlight lenses, I thought I'd try my own DIY method, and it worked. About 30 minutes in all polishing with good old fashioned original T-Cut on a series of clean rags brought them up almost as good as new.

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