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September- October 2020

Minature Minari

Almost exactly 25 years since my Father's full sized Minari Roadsport kit was delivered in late summer 1995, I discovered that there was a 1:43 resin scale model, made by Alezan, available to buy on the internet.

It was sold in a painted and assembled form but the stumbling block was the price- it would cost well over two hundred pounds to buy and have sent by the maker in France. As lovely as it was there was no way my Father or I were going to buy it, or even collaborate towards it.

About a week later I went back to look again (as you do) and to my joy the seller was offering the little roadster in raw unpainted kit form and for a quarter of the price. A purchase was made and the kit arrived within a matter of days.

As with 'our' original Minari, I handled the paintwork, although this time swapping a spray gun for cans, painting the body shell in red (as before) and the interior tub and seats in matt black.

My Father assembled the tiny parts and the finished item can be seen in the pictures below, along with photos of the original parts and painting process.

What was the Minari Roadsport? The Minari was a kit car that used Alfa Romeo Alfasud or Alfa 33 running gear fitted around a rigid fibreglass monocoque body tub. The Roadsport was effectively the second series of Minari made from around 1994 until the early 2000s.

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