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7th October 2020

Made the front page!

Following the day out and photo shoot at the end of July (see previous page) my Alfa made the front cover with the "early 90s hot hatch showdown" group test with a Lancia HF Turbo and Fiat Tipo Sedici Valvole.

Michael Ward's photos are excellent and the 33 didn't fair too badly against such tough competition in Tim Pitt's feature.

Grab yourself a copy from the Auto Italia website as a back issue.

20th September 2020

My only car show of 2020- Sywell Classic

The only car show I attended this year was the Sywell Classic. Most events were cancelled, for obvious reasons, but this was a great show that luckily went ahead.

There were all kinds of cars, bikes, vans and scooters there, but here are two selections of some of the most interesting ones- to me at least...

The cars in the montage are:

TOP ROW - Wide wheeled Lada 1300 and Lotus Elite.

2ND ROW- 2 door booted Audi 80 Coupe and Ford Granada Mk2 2.8 Ghia X.

3RD ROW- Vauxhall Firenza droop snoot and Triumph Acclaim.

4TH ROW- South African Basil Green Perana Mk1 Ford Capri with Windsor 302 cubic inch V8 engine and Holley 4 barrel carburettor, making it good for over 140mph and a very rare Alfasud TiS- basically a series 3 Ti with a series 2 non hatchback body.

5TH ROW Ford Escort mk3 Bonus special edition and a Ford Sierra XR4i -2.8 V6 reer wheel drive predecessor to the 3 door Cosworth.

6TH ROW Vauxhall Cavalier mk2 front wheel drive hatchback and super rare two-tone Ford Fiesta mk1 Sandpiper special based on an 'L' but with more of a 'Ghia' flavour.

BOTTOM- A superb and very orange Volvo 144 that had an interior to match with stripey colourful seat fabric similar to 1970s deck chairs.

The bikes pictured are: Hesketh V1000, Kawasaki GPZ305 with belt driven rear wheel, Yamaha RD350 ypvs f2, Honda CB250N super dream and a drum braked Moto Morini 350 Sport.

Mid September 2020

Braking news! - of the Fiat Punto kind

Whilst giving the Fiat Grande Punto a looking over and fettle for it's imminent MOT test I discovered that the offside rear brake had no effort when using the pedal.

The drum put up a bit of a fight, but once off I was please to see that the reart shoes still had plenty of life left in them and were dry of brake fluid. The wheel cylinder was of course shot and on trying to loosen the pipe union the flimsy brake pipe twisted thus rendering it scrap.

A new genuine pipe was ordered from the nearest Fiat dealer (at about £14) and when it arrived this was fitted with a new pattern cylinder and the shoes and backplate were cleaned up and 'coppaslipped' in the right places.

As the front pads were over 3/4 worn I whacked in a new set of these too.

3rd September 2020

Alfa Romeo Antifreeze of a fine 1980s vintage

I uncovered this beautiful old Alfa Romeo genuine accessory antifreeze bottle in my Father's garage and it's cleaned up a treat.

It must be from around the mid '80s as it has the ill fated, but actually quite good Alfa Romeo Arna listed in the useful table of capacities on it's rear. What makes it really attractive and nostalgic is that it also includes the (original/ real) Giulia and Giulietta models together with the Alfasud, 33, Alfetta, Alfa 6 and even F12 and AR8 vans!


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