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4th May 2019

Brooklands Auto Italia 2019

For me, still one of the best shows of the year with such a wonderful variety of classic Italian cars, bikes and scooters on display.

Here's my selection of interesting stuff:
br> Lamborghini Espada, pair of Lancia Y10, Lancia Delta LX, Lancia Gamma coupe, Fiat X19 with bra, Fiat 128 saloon, Fiat 128 3p, MV 750, Fiat 127 Sport, Lancia Beta Coupe Volumex, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, and Lancia Beta 5 door hatchback.

26th April 2019

Alfa 33 shocker!

Whilst trying to get to the bottom of a misfire and cutting out on tickover problem on the Alfa 33 I got a massive jolt of high tension (about 15,000 volts) electricity up my arm whilst leaning over the distributer.

This was the car's way of alerting me to the fact that two HT leads had holes in their insulating boots, at the distributor end, and were eathing out.

Easter 2019

Maltese Fiats

We had a few days holiday in Malta over Easter. We'd hoped to get a little bit of sunshine, but unfortunately the weather was pretty awful with very strong winds.

Of the couple of times I managed to venture out of the Hilton Malta, I managed to snap a handful of the still commonplace mk1 and mk2 Fiat Puntos and even an old somewhat battered Fiat Uno.

14th April 2019

Alfa Romeo Day at Beaulieu Motor Museum 2019

A nice run down to Beaulieu for the Alfa Romeo owners club Spring meeting with fairly good weather and a great turnout of interesting Alfas. The museum has many wonderful two and four wheeled exhibits too.

Here's a selection of some of the cars that turned up:

Alfa 75 V6 looking mean in black, rare South African import Alfasud 1500 Super Hatch (similar to Gold Cloverleaf), Alfasud/ next to Stelvio to demonstrate how ridiculously large family cars have become, another early Alfasud, Alfetta GTV, incredibly rare Mk1 Minari Club Sport (almost all were Mk2s), 164 Cloverleaf, V8 Montreal, and 'cars of the future' Volkswagen XL1 and Sinclair C5 pairing in the museum.

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