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End March 2019

Alfa 33 Paintwork

Finally got around to respraying the Alfa's back panel (and drivers mirror). The rear panel had a few blemishes on it, that were letting the car down, and as a relatively small panel it seemed prudent to just repaint the whole thing.

Cellulose primer, acrylic base, and 1 pack clearcoat blown through a gun on the driveway...

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20th March 2019

Alfa 33 liquids service

A satisfying time spent changing the oil, oil filter, gear oil and coolant on the 33.

I used, as always, a genuine filter, Mobil 1 premium synthetic oil and (very expensive!) Redline MT synthetic gear oil.

The new gear oil has definitely improved the gear change, and I'd recommend paying the extra for the Redline oil. On the 33 the gearbox filler is in a tricky location, but I managed to attach an old hose from an airbed pump to my funnel which permitted simple filling from above with the funnel in the engine bay.

7th March 2019

Alfa GT sloppy gear change fixed

Mrs Mgs Alfa GT gear change had been rapidly getting worse, going from 'sloppy' to a point where you had to be very careful finding 3rd gear.

It's a well known problem that is caused by two little plastic bushes on a shaft on the selector mechanism on the top of the gearbox. A relatively straightforward job apart from having to remove the battery, battery tray and fuse/ relay box for access.

End February 2019

Alfa 33 detailing

A few days warm sunny weather allowed me to do some much needed detailing on the front of the Alfa 33. I removed the headlamps, front indicators, grille and fog lights for a thorough clean up.

There was a lot of grime and lichen on the components and it was very satisfying to get them looking like new. I even treated the headlamps to some Carello stickers, the coil to a warning sticker (I couldn't resist on Ebay). and the fog lights to some new 'yellow' bulbs. I'd been toying with the idea of buying a pair of the last few original Hella fog lights with yellow reflectors available in the World, but just couldn't justify or afford the nigh on 200 it would cost to buy them and get them sent from the Continent- yellow bulbs it was!

25th February 2019

Scraped Alfa GT

Mrs Mg unfortunately scraped her Alfa GT against a low wall in her work carpark. Initially through the window it looked awful, and that it might even be an 'insurance job'. I spent an hour or so cleaning it up, cutting back and polishing the paintwork and fortunately it had only gone through on the edge of the rear arch which I managed to touch in with a touch up stick.

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