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Late July 2018

1993 calling!

As my Alfa is now 25 years old, I thought it should return to 1993 in picture form.

Here is a photo I did for Twitter complete with period Sony CM-H333 'Mars bar' analogue cellular phone, '93 glasses and a Radiohead 'Creep' cassette.

Mid July 2018

Car spots

Some great car spots recently! An immaculate 1987 Mini Advantage (tennis special edition), a vintage/ original Henlys dealership rear window sticker in a 1977 Triumph Dolomite and a Citroen DS missing a rear wing.

Early July 2018


Whilst the weather has been so good, I finally got around to sorting a bumper scrape on my Mother's Peugeot 207.

The 'gashes' were painted with primer filler on a small brush to fill them in, then flatted back before a misting of primer/ filler through a spraygun. After flatting this back I blew over some single pack blue base coat (250ml mixed tin 10 posted from Ebay), followed by some Upol RFU (ready for use) clear laquer. This was all done in a day, and the result was very pleasing. Having also buffed out a few other minor marks with T-cut and Autoglym Resin polish, Mum's 10 year old Pug looks like new again.

Late June 2018

Welding, Cavity wax and 'new' cat.

Took the Alfa's plastic sill covers off to inspect, clean up and spray and brush on rust prevention substances, which is something I do every few years when the weather is good.

I discoved a small hole in one inner rear wheel arch face but the sills were fine. A small plate was welded over the hole and then it was sealed with Tiger seal and brushed with black waxoyl 'underbody'. The sills and chassis posts were pressure sprayed with Dinitrol brown cavity wax. This is highly satisfying when done under airline pressure as the mist can be seen blowing out of plug holes etc so you know it's getting everywhere you want it to.

The 2nd hand catalytic converter (25 Ebay bargain!) I fitted in 2004 finally gave up the ghost and so I fitted another 2nd hand one I have had in the loft for 10 years.

I even went mad and cleaned the headlining with some Autoglym foam spray, and it came up lovely.

Mid June 2018

Revisiting the first car magazine I bought.

I found a near mint copy of the first car magazine I ever bought myself- Street Machine August 1981 issue.

It was exactly as I remembered and if you've read my 'about me' page you'll see that it was mentioned there, and my recollections about the readers cars (Mk1 Escort and Triumph Vitesse) were almost spot on (I'd thought 'Herald') as was the feature on Andy Saunder's Mini van.

I was just 12 when I bought that mag' the first time around and it was from Martins on Cassiobury Drive, Watford following an end of 1st year school trip to Thorpe Park - before it had rides!

The original got binned about 20 years later during a house move, but those pages had stayed with me including the cars, the Wolfrace wheels and adverts for sunfoof fitting, Ripspeed accessories et al...

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