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4th June 2018

Classics at the Pub

Went to a nearby pub for Sunday lunch and they had a little classic car show/ gathering on as well as some al fresco live jazz.

Mainly Jaguars (E-type, Mk2, XJC etc) as the event was organised by a Jag' club but a few other interesting cars in attendance including an old left hand drive Renault 4 and an immaculate MK2 Toyota MR2.

Mid May 2018


Recent new wiper blades showed up the scruffy old wiper arms on the Alfa and the view from inside of the car of the rusty behinds and springs was a little upsetting, and so I decided to repaint them.

Our old Lilac tree proved useful to hang the arms from for painting, with cable ties, after a quick wire brush, rub down and clean with panel wipe.

They had a quick blow over with 'rattle can' red primer, followed by matt black, and came up a treat and now look like new again.


The other niggle I had was that the original (from 1993) rear numberplate plinth had split and then broken in two- looking quite scruffy. Having braced the two halves with gaffer tape I rejoined them with the excellent Supafix bonding powder kit, and even 'mended' the word 'London' in the AFG advertising script with some old Lettraset.

13th May 2018

Classics at the Villa

A lovely day at 'Classics at the Villa' in Shenley, Herts for the 4th year running.

This event has grown year on year and now attracts many amazing and diverse classic cars and bikes, not just Italian but many British, German, American and Japanese cars there too, from Fiat 500s to a 1980s Aston Martin Lagonda.

5th May 2018

Brooklands Auto Italia

Fabulous weather for this years Auto Italia day at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey. As usual a wonderful assortment of Italian cars, bikes, campers and scooters.

Here's a montage of just some of my favourite cars there on the day, which are:

Innocenti Mini 1300, Seat Marbella cabriolet (Fiat Panda), Fiat 127, Fiat X1-9, Fiat 130 Coupe, Lancia Fulvia Zagato, Alfa Romeo GTv6, Lancia Stratos, Fiat 600, Ferrari Dino GT4 and a superb Fiat 850 Vignale.

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