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End August- September 8th 2021

Alfa 33 bonnet respray

The 33 had suffered some serious sun damage on one side making the laquer go 'milky'. I flatted it back and resprayed through a gun with cellulose primer, polyester basecoat and single pack clear coat.

29th August 2021

Fiat Grande Punto Service on the cheap.

A fairly full service, with genuine parts on the Fiat Punto for about £45 all in!

The GP is in that sweet spot of age where genuine parts are just gathering dust on dealers shelves, as owners of aged cars no longer visit.

I used about £15 worth of quality Fuchs Supersyn engine oil along with oil filter at £5, cabin filter at £6, air filter at £5 and a set of plugs at just £13.60.

22nd August 2021

A visit to Brooklands.

Thanks to the pandemic, I hadn't been to Brooklands for ages, but returned for a wonderful Classic car meet.

Ford Fiesta XR2 mk1, Escort Mk2 and Xr4i.

Triumph Dolomite Sprints, Alfasud Sprint, Austin Montego Mayfair, Triumph GT6 and Corvette 1978 Silver Anniversary edition.

14th August 2021

Sony Car Discman working remotely!

After a long time of looking, a new old stock Sony RMDM2 Car Discman remote control (wired) turned up on Ebay.

It's fantastic and saves the need to lean over to the passenger side to skip tracks etc on the Discman.

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