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28th May 2021

Triumph Dolomite memories

The Triumph Dolomite 1500HL I had as my second car from 1987-1989 is the only vehicle I have owned that I don't have a picture of.

Automotive artist Russ Wallis fixed this for me with this fabulous picture of 'my' russet brown Dolly wearing it's Sprint Alloys.

27th May 2021

Retro Radio 1

I have a period correct original Kiss Fm sticker in the back window of the 33, but thought this 1993 genuine original Radio 1 sticker would compliment the car, and it's in the side rear window.

13th May 2021

Metro Pringle

I was bored and so got to thinking that Austin Rover had missed a trick by not producing a special edition Metro to compete in the 1980s 'casuals'/ sportwear market place.

Fiat, Lancia and Peugeot had their: Sergio Tacchini , Fila and Lacoste special editions, so Austin Rover could have turned to a well known Scottish clothing manufacturer. The result was the 1987 Metro Pringle.

12th May 2021

Alfa Romeo Antifreeze decal

Someone in Italy was selling these lovely replica Alfa Antifreeze warning/ information decals. It really brightens up the windscreen on the 33.

29th April 2021

Super large Fiat badge

I spotted a new old stock large Fiat Ducato badge set on Ebay and couldn't resist.

It looks great on my tool box.

24th April 2021

Alfa Romeo 33 orange oil filter

I changed the oil on the 33 (Mobil 1 as usual) and fitted the new genuine oil filter that I'd painted orange last year to give the engine bay a proper early to mid 1990s flavour.

20th April 2021

More delicious vintage Agip Sint Oil

You may recall I found an unopened bottle of Agip Nuovo Sint 2000 from the early 90s, in Italy, recently? Well I found another unopened bottle of Sint from the early 2000s to add to the other bottle and start a collection.

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