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Mid March 2020

Bike service

Changed the oil and filter on the bike, resprayed a crazed mirror (van white, pearl dusting and clear coat) and cleaned and lubed the DID gold chain with a Motul C1 and C2 kit I got for Christmas...

Early March 2020

Sony Car Discman mount arm and mount plate found and installed.

I'd used the Sony Discman a few times over the last year with it sitting on the passenger seat of the car and it would occasionally skip when going over bumps in the road.

I'd have regular looks on Ebay for original mount kits and the odd mount plate and or arm would sometimes come up somewhere in the World, but always at siily prices. And then in late February a 'brand new', boxed, unused and correct CPM-200PK flexible mount arm appeared and I secured it with a 'best offer' of just £7.99 posted!

When it arrived it had the correct instructions, lead and fittings (in a sealed bag!) and even the original purchase receipt from the 'Sony Centre', dated 20/02/1991, showing the original purchaser had paid £49.99 for it 29 years previously.

A couple of days later I found the correct CPM-100P mount plate on Ebay, located in Isreal, this time unboxed and used but in very good condition. The fabulous 'best offer' button saw this item arrive quickly at my home for just £13.99 all in! The mount plate is a clever piece of equipment. Not only does the Disman player locate securely on top, sitting on rubber pads, but the plate assembly is like a sandwich with a shock absorber in the middle.

I installed the arm with the original fittings to the seat runner of my passenger seat (as the instructions suggest) and then screwed on the mount plate with the genuine Sony screws from the mount arm kit. With the D180K Discman clipped on, it is not superb for passenger comfort but plays CD's beautifully with no jumps or skips, so I'm very pleased with the whole lot.

Here's some photos of the bits and pieces and the Discman installed, and below them, a little video of it in action.

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