1st week of April 2017

Busy on the spanners.

A little bit overdue, but I decided to change the cambelts and tensioners on the Alfa 33. It's the third time I've done them since owning the car.

It's a quad cam engine and so there are: two cylinder heads, four cam pulleys to line up, two cambelts, two tensioners and two idlers!

I've found what works for me is to remove the front bumper, grille and radiator and work through the front.

Whilst I was at it I changed the two gaskets and spacer 'sandwich' on the Dellorto throttle body on one side as I suspected a slight air leak due to a hairline crack in the plastic spacer.

New coolant added and a bit of cleaning up and waxoyl and 'black waxoyl' underbody sealant applied.

28th March 2017

Remember these? I dug out and used this original 'Loyblox' abrasive rubbing block again today. I've had this since 1985 when I bought it from Moores motorcycle shop in Apsley to polish the engine cases on my Yamaha Fizzy!

Mid March 2017

Goldie Looking Chain...

Treated the bike to a new 'blingy' DID 'gold' chain and JT sprockets. Although a gold chain wasn't exactly 'factory' in 1989, I wanted to have the rear sprocket black as per original, so of course had to paint both sides.

It's a rivetted chain so had to go through the motions of grinding off rivet heads, pushing pins out and in and flaring the new rivet heads. Don't waste your time with the cheapo twenty quid chain tool sets for a heavy duty chain, the pins usually bend or break. I've invested in a Motrax tool which didn't break the bank, but is still a nice quality bit of kit that inspires confidence.

6th March 2017

Changed the clutch slave cylinder on the Fiat Grande. Photo shows the 'old' one which was plastic but had an elevated bleed nipple which is obviously for good reason as the new pattern cast metal cylinder, although sturdier looking, didn't have this and was an absolute nightmare to bleed, using about a litre of fluid!

17th February 2017

Had to replace the drivers electric window regulator on the Fiat Grande. Not a terrible job, and found that as I knew I was going to be scrapping the old regulator unit, cutting the mechanical cable (not the power cables!) removed all the tension and made it much easier to get out.

26th January 2017

What do you do when it's too cold and miserable to work outside or even in the garage? 'Restore' an old Yamaha motorbike tool kit.

Elbow grease and Autosol brought up the tools nicely and panel wipe, then wet wipes on the tool bag- well pleased!

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